• VENYY was originated to solve a personal problem. Horse’s kick caused multiple injuries to Sarita Alanko’s back. Spinal stenosis, intervertebral disc displacement and annular tear, and finally a difficult spinal degeneration. Time went by and Alanko could not find a proper help for the back pain she experienced. Since she was a certified nurse and a personal trainer herself and had studied years of sport science and gerontology, she started thinking what caused the pain and how it could be solved.

  • Now – over ten years later VENYY has helped hundreds of people in their musculoskeletal issues. From back pains to neck and shoulder disorders, and from posture issues to performance problems, VENYY has brought help. Today Alanko works as a full time entrepreneur and is a passionate sports enthusiast. This would not be possible without VENYY.
    It interrupts the vicious circle which pain causes in our bodies. Pain creates muscle tension – and tensed muscles create more pain.

What does muscle stiffness cause in your body?

Shortening of muscles and misaligning joints, causing joint pain and premature joint detrition and arthrosis
Tight and stiff muscles will misalign your posture and cause bad posture
Bad muscle metabolism, tight muscles will put pressure on capillaries and nervous system preventing them from functioning correctly
Increased injury risk during performance and repetitive strain injury
Decrease in performance levels

How does VENYY solve your musculoskeletal issues?

VENYY will stretch stiff muscles and work on returning their normal length allowing correct joint alignment. It will ease joint pain and prevent premature joint detrition and arthrosis
VENYY will correct your posture by opening and stretching tight muscles that would otherwise pull your posture out of balance
VENYY will boost the muscle metabolism by reducing the muscle stiffness and allowing capillaries and nervous system to function properly
VENYY will decrease the risk of injuries by balancing your body
VENYY will improve your levels of performance by increasing your movement economy

Design Solutions

  • Grip

    The antibacterial handle is designed to give you a firm grip easily, without the need to squeeze hard so you can relax and enjoy the stretch.

  • 8 kg Pole

    The key to passive stretching is being relaxed. That’s why VENYY is so heavy, it literally takes the work from you and makes it possible for your muscles to relax and stretch in a completely new way.

  • Technique Guiding Mat

    VENYY comes with a complete instructional mat to guide you through our exercise. It will help you to get started, but ones VENYY becomes part of your daily routine, you can use VENYY without the mat as well.

  • Ball

    The ergonomic and slip secure rubber ball specially designed for VENYY gives you a fraction free and smooth stretching experience.

Who can use VENYY?

VENYY is suitable for most of us*! It’s safe and does not require any exercise background. It will help you no matter whether you are an athlete or a pensioner. All of us are unique and have our own background. VENYY will find your problem areas and start the work from where it is needed the most. You could feel the stretch in a very different place than your family member or co-worker. That is what makes VENYY so special. It knows where to stretch even better than you do!

*N.B. Remember that VENYY is not a toy and not suitable for children under 15 years of age. Some disabilities could also prevent you from using VENYY. For your own safety after opening the package, please do not store VENYY in an upright position, since there is a risk it will fall over and cause damage. 

”A good golf swing demands flexibility. I use VENYY to improve my performance and to recover from a golf round”
Anne, 51

”Being a barber is really demanding, since I have to stand all day with my hands held up high. I used to have shoulder and back pains on a regular basis. VENYY has helped me to ease the tension in my shoulders and back, and I feel much better now!”
– Noora, 30

”When you get older your body gets stiffer and starts to ache. I am not able to go to the floor and stretch anymore. I am also worried how I keep my balance when standing without a support. VENYY has helped me a lot, since it makes it possible for me to stretch safely and easily. I have less shoulder pains now and my walking is getting better.”
– Holger, 91

”Pregnancy is really tough for your body. I can maintain a good posture and ease my back pains with VENYY. VENYY has been a life saver during my pregnancy!”
– Jeanette, 33