Passive Stretching

Everyone knows how important stretching is, but still most of us won’t do it. Why not?

Maybe you are too lazy to stretch? – Don’t worry, so are we! That’s why we invented VENYY – the passive stretching tool that will do the work for you.

What is passive stretching?

There is actually more to being passive and lazy than you first might think. Did you know that muscles only stretch when being completely relaxed? When you do the stretching, you tend to push or pull, which causes muscles to activate and contract preventing them from stretching. Our secret is being passive – VENYY takes the work from you and makes it possible for your muscles to relax and stretch in a completely new way.

VENYY will start with the places that are your biggest problem areas. Once it has increased mobility on those muscles, it will move on and work on the next area. It does not stretch one specific part of your body. Since muscles are all in a chain, you could say VENYY stretches you. Seeing that we are not all alike, we can’t tell you which specific part of your body VENYY will stretch first. But don’t worry, you don’t need any kind of specialist to tell you that, since VENYY knows you and finds the spot where to start. These unique features make VENYY so special – it actually knows you even better than you do!

  • The passive stretching tool

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”I’m ”too stiff” to do traditional stretching exercises. It’s painful to get into certain positions and there is no way I could be relaxed if I got into those positions. VENYY made it possible for me to relax during stretching. I have been using VENYY only for few weeks now, but already feel the difference. In the beginning I felt the stretch in my lower back and bottom, but after a week I felt it more in my upper back and calves. I now have been sleeping more peacefully, I toss and turn much less during the night than I did before.”Osku, 33